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Award-winning, bestselling author Connie Flynn has come up with yet another page turner . . .

Jessica is a police woman in crisis. Bulldog investigator, devoted single mom, disgraced police chief. She has lost it all and is bent on getting it back come hell or high water. PREORDER AVAILABLE SOON

Are Zombies Truly Evil Or Just Victims Too?

CHECK THIS OUT!First We Kill All the Zombies A couple's long delayed honeymoon is interrupted when they get shanghaied to 1920s America where a diabolical team is fabricating zombie soldiers. She's a brilliant biophysicist; he's a former Green Beret.They will never bow to the zombie- makers demands, They have something better in mind. Averting the zombie apocalypse by finding a cure and taking it back to their own time. That's when things get really complicated...

Did Poker Dealer Ky Taylor Kill Her Banker Daddy?

Know When To Run She woke up one morning on a Mississippi riverboat casino with a huge headache and no clue to who she was. With the help of new friends she rebuilt her life. Now, two years later, a tall handsome dark-haired man comes after her. He's a bounty hunter and claims she killed her father then jumped her bail. She says he's got the wrong woman. He says she's guilty as sin. One of them is right...


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Connie is a published multi-genre author of both long and short fiction. Look for her in all the best genres: paranormal romance, romantic comedy, mystery, suspense & fantasy/sci-fi. She lives in Arizona on a lush green park where she walks her dog and escapes from the hot desert sun. Her latest releases are above. Her backlist can be found in the website bookstore.

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